Our Purpose

AdHocIT is the only company that offers exceptional customer service and IT
services on-demand. We are your one stop shop for all your professional
certified IT services.

Our mission is to provide highly skilled customers service, and proficient
industry certified IT services to small businesses and individuals. This
unique on-demand service is provided to all of our customers at a very
affordable cost. We provide a wide range of information technology support
services and are constantly adding new ones. We accomplish this by creating
a website/mobile application that puts our customers directly in contact
with our specialists.

AdHocIT management team is second to none and comprises of four Masters of
Information Technology students with various backgrounds in the IT field.
Each member of out team brings a very unique experience and history to our
company that makes sure the company stays innovative and competitive. All
of our engineers are well vetted independent contractors with a clean
background and all the necessary certifications and training.

We provide the shortest and fastest response time to all of our customers
within the region. Our customers can rest assured that there is no waiting
in line for several hours or days, no long exhaustive searching for the
company that may or may not be able to solve your IT problems.

Overall, we are proud to provide all our customers excellent concierge
services, with their security, and confidentiality at our highest priority
and services.


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